Eaton xComfort ECI

This driver is sold as it is. We will not update – we will only repairs bugs. In 2019 there should be new driver based on new REST API (and working with SmartManager not ECI-LAN).

This driver package for the integration of Eaton xComfort wireless system (using the network/Ethernet interface Eaton ECI (CCIA)) provides bi-directional connection with Eaton xComfort modules. After configuration, these are visible in Control4 user interface in a standard manner.

Eaton xComfort is a wireless smart electrical wiring system manufactured by one of the biggest companies in the market. Eaton xComfort modules can extend the possibilities of Control4 home automation system, adding switching, dimming (230 V, 0-10 V) or blinds/shutter actuators, battery-driven radiator valves, temperature sensors and designer buttons. More about Eaton xComfort is here:

Supported Control4 Versions

OS version 1.6 and up. Will work on any controller.

Known limitations

The driver is fairly complex. Please read the documentation before attempting to install it. To avoid popcorn effect, use xComfort scenes. In the current version of xComfort firmware, the ECI must have direct radio connection to all nodes, otherwise you will run into problems – status messages are not routed. Integration of Room Manager, Home Manager or Smart Home Controller devices is neither supported nor planned.


This driver has a free trial period. You can just download it, add to Composer and purchase licence only after evaluation.

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