Apple TV (beta)

No need to introduce this little black box with the infamous bitten apple logo. Get rid of the annoying IR bug and use this IP driver for Control4 to upgrade your customers’ systems for the ultimate experience.

Apple TV has found its way into many homes to stream movies and music from iTunes, Netflix, Hulu and other services. It is also a favorite board room addition to effortlessly share screens of iPhones & iPads.

Please note: This is a time-limited beta version for dealer testing. Licence keys for purchase will be available soon.


  • Uses two-way IP (network) control.
  • Auto-detects Apple TV IP address during pairing process.
  • Works with unjailbroken Apple TV with no extra software required.
  • Adds extra useful programming events, commands and variables.
  • Automatically turns selected rooms on when playback starts.
  • Automatically turns rooms off with a configurable timer (in seconds or minutes) when playback stops.
  • Enables you to choose from room off actions Pause, Stop, Top Menu & Do Nothing.
  • Supports Up, Down, Left, Right cursor key press & hold.
  • 0-9: press the numerical buttons to jump to percentage during video playback.
  • MENU: press the button during playback to select audio tracks, subtitles or AirPlay speakers.
  • GUIDE: jump directly to the home screen.
  • PLAY / PAUSE: can act as discrete PLAY & PAUSE buttons, or PLAYPAUSE toggle.
  • SKIP_FWD, SCAN_FWD, RIGHT / SKIP_REV, SCAN_REV, LEFT work as expected.
  • Colour buttons: assign Top Menu, Context Menu, Save Position, Restore Position functions.
  • Pressing PLAY when a screensaver is on during paused playback will stop the screensaver and resume playback immediately. With IR driver, the first PLAY press only cancels the screensaver.
  • A relay connection to control an outlet, for example.

Supported Control4 versions

Control4 2.6.0 or later required.

Supported Apple TV models

Apple TV, 2nd generation: Apple TV Software 6.2.1 (based on iOS 7.1.2)

Apple TV, 3rd generation: Apple TV Software 7.0.2 (based on iOS 8.1.1)


This driver is developed by Tomáš Hnetila and is distributed & supported by YATUN, s.r.o. If you encounter any problems with the driver or wish to share any feature requests, please open a support ticket with YATUN.

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